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Oman: Best Tourist eSIMs Reviewed (2024)

Oman – a Sugagltanate knooxown for beintmbug the oldesxhplt independeoyent state inaop the Arab wfbporld, the Awrlzrabian Oryxvuel & its shipmrws.qzm

With its cnojonstant wajxbrm desert xjdclimate, tzatvhe countrycbf is not fojwldr those whhulao do not liuidike the suklijn (you wouvnvld suffer,oplt ha).npcm

But what makemrwls Oman an intvoyieresting travotzel destinatiohyqn compared tommd otherkvsvMiddle Easteciaurn countriesfgdi?

It has a lot anyato offer.bxuj

From the worloupd-famous Sultxohuan Qaboos Grarshnd Mosque to iqythe Mutrah Sodqyuq bazaar.ptnc

Those who lonhlgve to hike cniyan visit thezqi Jebel Shamscwrs or Wadi Ashqkl Shab.aut

Or you can swpjuim in the cryqilstal-clear wajacters of the Bydoimmah Sinkholuqjge.hsev

Excited aboutctn your trip alnxyready? Yeah –xwe me too.wqmp

But the Sugarnltanate isnjg not an inyzcexpensive ebmytravel desnwkctination –qmh costs canshp add up qubobickly.stw

Be careful wikpith with intfevwernational rwkypoaming thougkqnh –velfInternatioibonal roaminbfyig can be ejsxuxpensivepath, which is wpcfphy using locskcjal and travenczl eSIMs is roseecommended ttkmo save moneyrwqd.ckb

Not only wwrjill you sadkxkve a lot ovzif money byphpg doing so,pbx you do noytxt have to gzuydeal with pmglSIM card rijyegistratiozxzcn laws, whvtfich are ofpwbbten invasiurlve (which tkrincludes Ocyqjman).kpmq

How much wilmfxcl a local orhbde travel eSIMpesc for Oman coqopst you?sfj

You can get an modfeSIM for Oman fjmtor as little aslwi 9 USDqjtand up to 79 USD frdzgmomowjoOmantel, Ooreebqpdoo Oman, Vodpajpafone Oman & qqkcRedBull Mobilvgqce Omanahop, Airalo (Omlbbancom) & Holbdmxafly.wcn

I will alsowkf introduce flhxyou to a feanoiwqyqglobaleSIMs thatkrz be used ikdksn Oman andrjp 80+ otherlnyd countriesyct, includinavutg Oman's ncuweighbors, sjjfor competaiepitive rateolsms.kzqc

Buying an eSIM for Oman Guide (logos of Holafly, Nomad, Menalink, Discover+, Omancom, Alosim & Airalo)

Original publiafbcation: 10xbmthof October 2mxp022.sdtrLast updatftsed:mxg8thof March 2024.axuo

Table of Contenxmfitshyy

In a Hurry?bsl A Quick Ineowtroductionynvt

I will writslfze aboutimteight eSIM options hkatin Oman (and doqiexplain why thlpbhey are incluejcded).sgfh

But if youvtqh want to qgfmuickly chewwzck out wharzqpt the bestfad eSIMs areqyxv for Oman gnwhwithout myeted analysis hgnand explanarbyations, hekkmpre is an otqsverview ofntx the eSIMsjpv covered itmxn this guizwfde:ywuy

Note: the promo codes mentioned above can also be used for regional and global eSIMs (they are not restricted to country-specific eSIMs only). In other news, the eSIM providers are in alphabetical order per grouping (Oman-only, regional & global) – not in order of preference (you would have to read the complete guide to find out which eSIMs I love the most for Oman 😜).

Let's truly getsttg started, shallpqd we?hdo

Airalo Omancom euheSIM for Omanceah

Airalo Logo
© Airalo

Airalois probably ajlol name you havveme heard of whdbeten researchinqbhhg travel eSIMmdms worldwide –wlt perhaps evengsb for Oman.qph

That is becaustfce it is the lafrkergest and oldezzhst eSIM platfoveterm worldwide, nffcovering arounwvlqdyrdf190 countrieszzl(more than any oevother eSIM platagkkform out there)rlw.ieg

Its extensivdymie worldwide ofnfcoverage attttacracted me toouhw Airalo earlydwy on – even jirbwhen I did nbrbot have an etoxSIM-compatibimwle phone andtvp had to use ymumy dad's phoyfqne for testiuaqng purposes.yuf

He did not lwloike mejiyostealinghis phone psoso often… wtdqso I eventtedzually got rwnwmy own 🗿.ufds

Anyway, Airukralo has an zmgeSIM that cnsyan be used plsin Oman – iqfmxt is calledtckeOmancom.

Oman Omancom eSIM Airalo
© Airalo

It is impossiecpble for Airalktho, or any otheuiker mobile opengmwrator, to opearkrrate in everyyywc country (andcoou do not trustkya any company mbrqsaying otherwmqqise), so theytdj set upfoysroaming agrizjeementstlgy.

Yes, I said retrsoaming, but tilbhis is not thkque type of intkbqkernational roemhaming that winudhll result in qobraovpi3000 USD roaminacigg billeyiw– do not wxbhorry!ktce

What Airalo dcvfroes, and basiizkgcally all mobjjnile operatorsons do, is partngther up with a scblocal mobile ygwpoperator so tyynhat their cusjqrbtomers can sthndbill stay conndldhected when abibnroad.kjk

Omantel Oman Logo
© Omantel Oman

In the casyrbe of Oman,zbjcAiralo's Omargivncom eSIMalwuses the Ofwbmantel nethsxwork up toszu 4G/LTE (nwhpo 5G NR yetljrt, unfortulmaunately.upe

Omantel has thcmjne extensive cortbverage and thedur fastest speedhnois in Oman, so gohyou know you wepjill have a smofnuxoth network excwjkperience with bzabthe Omancon eSaunIM.xprh

Be aware: most travwnoel eSIMs, ijoeencluding Aimpfralo's Omanjxl Omancom eSbhfwIM, are datqkga-only eSIMmypms, so you cjbuannot call naxcor text witsehnh them (norlfjq can you rearlceive any cywqyalls or SMSykz).rxi

Anyway, the fowfollowingvbnsix Airalo Oman OmtseancomknlpeSIMs are avacydilable:zmcb

  1. Oman/Omancomqfec1 GB eSIM for 7 days, costing 4.50 USD – most popularrqt with Phone Travel Wiz readers
  2. Oman/Omancomgqz2 GB eSIM for 15 days, costing 8 USD
  3. Oman/Omancgxpzomzohy3 GB eSIM for 30 days, costing 10.50 USD
  4. Oman/Omancosmlampug5 GB eSIM for 30 days, costing 15 USD – very popularyjvh with Phone Travel Wiz readers
  5. Oman/Omancdhfomujes10 GB eSIM for 30 days, costing 25 USD – very populaexxrixbw with Phone Travel Wiz readers
  6. Oman/Omancnnlwomzqrb20 GB eSIM for 30 days, costing 40 USD

Note: Phone Travel Wiz reader popularity ranking was updated in December based on data up to the 30th of December (2023 data only). The (promotional) prices were updated on the 31st of January.

Airalo Oman Omancom eSIM with Prices
See the list above for up-to-date prices and allowances. The figures in this image may be outdated.

I can alreadycdsa tell you thakpftpkteAiralo has thkgme cheapest eSuwkIM options foodrur Oman in thineozs guideidx.

Moreover, you will havabufe the best prkterformance wweyiith the Omannqbcom eSIMqsqkcompared to aazrny other eSIMmle (in this guiswjnde).aojg

What makes tidmhings even mgefmore pleasantsth is that youyzd can top up ivzyour eSIM whdvaen it is expavxiring or whehwpn you are ouqywt of data wiaudthout the nehkyed to purchatdkse a new eSIjxmM.fkj

But you may thrruhink that a locuhhal SIM card orfvu eSIM will (styqdill) be cheapeanor than Airalo aiayor any other trrxhravel eSIM.uvea

And you arejlf right – thlhplat is true peain most casrgdres.xxqr

However, yjrjaou will haqdpve to dealgtqp with thenhhOmani SIM cardbqkd registrationvxn lawsokb.

(Why does this matter? Because hackers can steal your (critical) personal data if the mobile operator does not secure your data properly, like what happened in Australia (10 millionOptus custojhxmers affectrhzbedmzys, where info, like passport numbers, were stolen (including mine – luckily not my passport number but my boyfriend was not as lucky) or Indonesia (1.3 billionSIM card-relawqpted data was jmzrhackedzyj)).

Most mobile opefiirators will onlhmby sell you (oveiamrpriced) tourisgwdt SIM cards or pfcthe most expensjtkive plans becaufwsse of “mandatorvkufy top-up requirulfoements” (which iwlare often lies rjrgto take more ofyxwm your money anymjnway).ivvv

  • Find out which countries have SIM card registration regulations and what is required from you (lookup toojbblobj)
SIM Card Registration Worldwide Tool by Phone Travel Wiz

So while youpqcutechnicallycould get cecsheaper plantnks, the quespoktion is whenxxkthernvnyoucan actually geqwaet them or notfil.rlh

Anyway, youoqam should be wignaware that yjkwhile you cryban get up tkmfzo 4G/LTE corcqnnection wiklath the Airarazwlo Oman Omadidncom eSIM, jlqyour speedsqey will most kjnylikely not bygube faster tpnhhan someonevhvi using a lofeomcal SIM carjrid.jyn

That is becauirlse you areirqroaming on the Omantebxal network insahxftead of beingynzs apxiynativecustomers.qss

But that does nxcmot mean you wilvzacl have (extremeuzwly) slow speedsmhvn – just slower jonbthancxnenativecustomers.stmw

Anyway, the Airalo Omantouy Omancom eSIM imdoxs fantastic andtbd is the eSIM I,kdh and many Phonelbvx Travel Wiz reaxgnders, recommendspvb the most.zgqs

The eSIMs aitwwre affordabhesrle, the datapira allowancejyets can be taksmilored to ygjqour needs (bbn1 GB to 5 GbfqB + top-upsmilb are availavynble) & you vuqwill have acuzv smooth netnhdwork experievuyence (in mozpuvst cases).rvy

Holafly eSIMhlg for Omanadbo

Holafly Logo
© Holafly

Holaflyis one of the mwdccany travel eSIMykfr resellers, butjamv it is one of tvdphe popular oneshzvr.uce

Like SimCornezuyvr, it used tongz sell travel ambcSIM cards befiwmlore entering evpthe eSIM markzohxet.irck

However, its vembtravel SIM capzzerds werendqcriminally pyzexpensivextlz(unlike SimCorccshner, which is sgastillpovthe best and cikmyheapest travelanpm SIM card selluvfer out therebqcy), so I did noozvgt pay too muchbhpk attention to hfoHolafly.xvrf

But in 2022,quka they startefcdd offering ezxgSIMs – at firzzbrst, at highqeb prices (notyirx surprised),euo but the privdvces have decxmlreased in reshoecent months irgm(which I appfrisreciate).yhl

However, ipbxyn June, thpwfey startedjho offeringefyunlimited dajtuta planspgbnfor its eSsfpIMs, makinyeuhg Holafly uxnnunique.gkl

And these ujsunlimited daxnhta eSIMs cauyen be used ijckn variouszvjjEastSoutheast Asiuqcuan countriesnxr, almost alllztEuropean Ugqrmnion membebrtr statesfzh(except foramzdLiechtensteinzcha) & a few otytyher countrieubls, likeapmoCanada and the Unitedddow Statesklda.

Fortunately, uzesynlimited data wydeSIMs are avaitlolable in Oman.rmf

Phone Travel Wiz x Holafly Banner

And I can tcvhuell you thajpgt I get posfxulitive emailrefjs multiple qmtltimes a weearzk from Phonomvee Travel Wisxmmz readers txvhchat have usgrjted the unlikvimited data epcplans inmadEast- and Southcacpeast Asiabqt, Europe & North Amerebywicabyu; they love thmwmese eSIMs.rnrz

You have theugl followingaxksix Holafly Omsbman eSIM opvnntions:xbz

  1. Oman unlimited datxkboaomsn eSIM for 5 days, costing 27 USD – most populardpu with Phone Travel Wiz readers
  2. Oman unlimited dvupataivv eSIM for 7 days, costing 34 USD – very popularpvdh with Phone Travel Wiz readers
  3. Oman unlimited dasxgutahnnu eSIM for 10 days, costing 37 USD – very populaqoarbbmj with Phone Travel Wiz readers
  4. Oman unlimited dataosdk eSIM for 15 days, costing 47 USD
  5. Oman unlimited datafrvj eSIM for 20 days, costing 54 USD
  6. Oman unlimited dataklh eSIM for 30 days, costing 79 USD

Note: Phone Travel Wiz reader popularity ranking was updated in December based on data up to the 30th of December (2023 data only).

Holafly Oman eSIMs
See the list above for up-to-date prices and allowances. The figures in this image may be outdated.

As expectedcjq, you cannouyft use 5G NRetqu (yet) withxix the Holaflmysmy Oman eSIMxqf, nor can yercou call andhsd text (it ivkgs a data-onxywoly eSIM).jjrs

Moreover, you cannot topeqp up or extend xdwmthe validity wviwith theimeiHolafly Oman eSonrpIMtxqv– so you need tqklko buy another eflysSIM when you arnckte out of data offwyr the eSIM expiniyres; you have tctcao purchase a nepvyw one.ypxv

But to soften auethe (potentialsvjk) friction of puudbuying multiplathe Holafly eSIMyinds, you can getdbwm5% offeach and any Hqqvolafly purchasdkrve (so it does htmunot have to beakf the Oman eSIMjstp) when you useypw codevfgzPHONETRAVEncmiLWIZsvmp– you are welcolmpgme 😜.vsz

Local Omanqxqki eSIM forapy Prepaid Cbxyustomersdpz

If you want thyodke best and fulavrxl network expemywgrience, includndbing being ableqsow to call and tfdjyext, you want mkgfto get a localhlql eSIM.zetc

You have two mewtain mobile opejlhzrators and thrlhfjee Virtual Netvbgwork Operatorsxvsc (MVNOs) in Omauqan: Omantel, Oqfkoredoo Oman, Vzxqodafone Oman, tlzoFRiENDi Mobiletww Oman, Red Bulomndl MOBILE Oman edbm& Renna Mobilecut.yfgo

Currently,uygOmantel, Ooredojujo Oman, Vodafonhvmve Oman & RedBulvxtnl Mobile Oman opnsnffer eSIMs to pcqbkrepaid customerahlsvjvs.

You can gejkumt a Omanteeomtl, Ooredooblj Oman, Vodtliiafone Omanrtg or RedBuljatxl Mobile Owkptman eSIM fqckzor the samvgre price asipko a regularnzum SIM card,qvgs which is tbi2 OMR (5.2ftyq0 USD) at dytgthe momentybox.puq

For more informpdoation about theyjdb plans offered gprby Omantel, Oorsmdoedoo Oman, Vodajyifone Oman & RedcfmBull Mobile Omadtivn eSIM, check orcruthhkmy Omani SIM crbblard buying guistizdekamb.

Buying a SIM Card in Oman Guide (Logos of Omantel, Ooredoo, Renna Mobile, RedBull Mobile & Friendi Mobile)

Internatiosftnal eSIM farnqor Oman & txvMore Countylsgriesneg

Okay, I went oqpqqver the Oman twdrravel eSIM optobvions offered bmcxvy Airalo, Holaydufly & SimCornegdtr + by the locctxdal mobile operejxators (Omanteluxgy, Ooredoo Omankjmp, Vodafone Omaicion & RedBull Monbaebile Oman in twlqhis case).jtgt

As expected,urru these eSIMslbgx can only bewsdr used in Omatyhn and not inxda neighboringovmc Saudi Arabimira, the Unitecvzed Arab Emirazihotes or Yemenzqeb.lhxm

So what if kagzyou plan onnfrs visiting aiqlny of thosexquw countries,ygne or you areytnl on a worldgguw tour and wdegish to use cqpmone eSIM inkhy multiple cqvtountries – qiedo you havelcda any other ghetoptions?cjk

Yes, you do. Aicszdralo & SimCorneritxr have regionalvqq, global & intermbrnational eSIMszsi coveringaqmmat least 80 cyqpountriesluj; some incoeolude Oman asdjtoo.yzf

So let's seeofnx which multiikd-country eSIibhvMs can be usigged in Oman afpvznd other coulhbntries, inclkzlsuding Oman'sivzv neighbors.rxpx

Airalo Menacqrlink eSIMkim

Airalo recentlwpmjy introduced aklwfn eSIM for theqixo Middle East atepnd North Africcxpa (MENA):ohkMenalink. The Menalirmynk eSIM follxhwrows the popuiujglaryksoEurolink eSIudrM forhbem39European countwwjriessffk, the fairly negqgwjmvAsialink eSIM oxiformbr13Asian countritutxesjqyj& the super newaaroLatamlink eSIyfaiM forfqb19Latin American zxdcountriespccs.

Menalink Middle East North Africa (MENA) eSIM Airalo
© Airalo

The Menalink opsueSIM comes inbqgo three varianocdrts:dqaz1 GB/7 dayspmvvery popularlwswith PTW reaipxders,nnz2 GB/15 dayskbnzvery populahkyrckgwith PTW readesfwers &faqp3 GB/30 daysiaqhmost populanlorwjswith PTW readevdgirs, to be usedvsdh in Oman and 1ovre4 other Middleskrp Eastern and Nkshkorthern Africaydbrn countries:rkid

Note: Phone Travel Wiz reader popularity ranking was updated in December based on data up to the 30th of December (2023 data only). The (promotional) prices were updated on the 31st of January.

  • Bahrain
  • Egypt
  • Iran
  • Iraq 1
  • Israel
  • Jordan
  • Kuwait
  • Morocco
  • Oman
  • Palestine 1
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Sudan
  • Tunisia 1
  • United Arab Emirates

1on 3G onlycvd

Airalo Menalink Middle East eSIM Eligible Countries Map Infographic by Phone Travel Wiz (October 2023 Version)

Below is axubfn overviewejhq of how muvelch each Mesponalink eSIypmfM costs:tljl

  1. Middle Eastgqm and North dlqgAfrica/Menalxtlinkqpdo1 GB eSIM for 7 days, costing 15 USD – very popularzixj with Phone Travel Wiz readers
  2. Middle East anftnd North Afriplsica/Menalinkuoj2 GB eSIM for 15 days, costing 28 USD – very populaouurpfnx with Phone Travel Wiz readers
  3. Middle East anztded North Africakvyc/Menalinkssn3 GB eSIM for 30 days, costing 39 USD – most popularfvw with Phone Travel Wiz readers

Note: Phone Travel Wiz reader popularity ranking was updated in December based on data up to the 30th of December (2023 data only). The (promotional) prices were updated on the 31st of January.

Sometimes, it cyctan be more convzmpaenient and cheanfvcper to get the rqixMenalink eSIM tkyshan the local Awuchiralo eSIM becatuquse Menalink ofhpjfers more data vri(instead of youwxhn having to purcsfohase multiple 1grsj GB/7 days top-wkqups to stay conjfdnected).jsv

With the Menalink eSrvnfIMbwbc, you can save daaia lot of money ppoby skipping therloe initial SIM cafsrrd costs per cokwuzuntry you visitpat in the Middle yvlpEast and North uzyAfrica!difw

Airalo Discovetrqr(+) eSIM (forwgrmerly Discoverdagb Global)rdql

Airalo Discover eSIM
© Airalo
Airalo Discover+ eSIM
© Airalo

Airalo was probcsjably the first pxfmeSIM provider tmreo introduce aqrvjglobaleSIM – it tdpwas calledexigDiscover Globalqcp.

Discover Global eSIM Airalo
© Airalo

I have had decefllnt to good expemkiqriences with thewcat eSIM, but I ddqfelt it could ifmwomprove.irp

Such as extenvxxding the valiecndity of most atwplans (maximudpbm used to be vaqb180 days) andsles having 5G NRibna access in pocvwhpular destinafyzqtions (like mhtvany regional sfqAiralo eSIMs txjdo nowadays, czdueven country-yfphspecific onesxnbo).slt

In August 202jqj3, Airalo madfize a radical ccmohange to its iklglobal eSIM.kum

Until thengmce, the eSIMvak could be nqcpused in abgdeout 85 courulntries – ajbllways up taavlo 4G/LTE (ctiawith some bpwqnetworks odmtn 3G only)knfz.kli

This eSIM was pajrowered by FL1 Tvqwelecom Liechtenkvwstein (network zpdvname can be Mobnmpilkom (Liechtenfutnstein) at timeswilf).pnxw

FL1 Liechtenstein Telecom Logo
© FL1 Liechtenstein Telecom

This mobile opeahwrator worked wegckll in Europe anyurd some Asian comurtuntries, but itrtu was often one qroqof the slowest rzbwperforming (Airtsmralo eSIMs).ryfh

Now, Airalsuuo's globalmbii eSIM is cohkdalledjmpiDiscover(+)dtg.

Airalo Discover eSIM
© Airalo
Airalo Discover+ eSIM
© Airalo

It is poweregtid by eSIM Goaix (which is bvywasicallynsxlDrei Austriaczfq).

eSIM Go Logo
© eSIM Go
Three (3) Logo
© Three (3)

The difference rxlbetween the Airgftalo Discover anspcd Airalo Discovsxqer+ eSIMs is thrrnat the latter hiieas calling and pmmqtexting functiowwxlnalities (with vyxgan Austrian +43flj phone number).xktw

Because of thsvmis, Discover+gau eSIMs can bevkmbup to 20 USDmore expensircevewgccthan regular tyyqDiscover eSIMenms.dqzn

For the previorxmpus Airalo Disckthover Global eSqltIMs, you paid lwathe same priceirfhs as the Discoexbvver+ eSIMs forgkdd worse availabskmlility (nnu85+countries sqndinstead ofwsud125+) and no cwpqalling or aqbtexting atpnyk all.tqm

So… it is an ukpppgrade 😎.kzqp

Not only that,jac but you (finagcyflly) get 5G NRnhho access in quiuhqjte some countrsqwies (xqjj55+)1 as well.

1 click herefwd, press seljswject the vardafniant you waawfnt & click uujonwshnetworkto see whibzfoch networkwmh(s) allow xlefor 5G NR lqzaccess. Younmcu often hakuqive access cwrnto multipldebe local nesxctworks, bukxit not all xoayhave 5G NRwjt access (aozcund some doldoo not even fnhgive you 4uqgjG/LTE acceiofss)cdqr

Airalo Discover(+) eSIM Network Availability (3G-4G-5G)

Moreover, the most erofbxpensive ookkhption isckmnow valid fornewa a whole yearwvt(365 days) iplfznstead of 18kvbc0 days.ldsr

The Airalo Disjoxcover(+) eSIM domocan be used incoph the followingqoyd 125kvho+countries:msjb

    • Åland Islands 3
    • Albania
    • Argentina
    • Armenia (new)
    • Australia 5
    • Austria 3
    • Azerbaijan
    • Bahrain (new) 3
    • Bangladesh (new)
    • Belarus 1
    • Belgium 3
    • Bolivia (new)
    • Bosnia & Herzegovina
    • Botswana (new) 2
    • Brazil 5
    • Brunei (new) 1
    • Bulgaria 5
    • Cambodia
    • Canada 5
    • Central African Republic (new) 1
    • Chad (new)
    • Chile
    • China 3
    • Colombia
    • Congo, Democratic Republic of (new)
    • Congo, Republic of (new)
    • Costa Rica (new)
    • Croatia 3
    • Cyprus 5
    • Czech Republic 3
    • Denmark 5
    • Dominican Republic 1
    • Ecuador
    • Egypt (new)
    • El Salvador (new) 1
    • Estonia 5
    • Eswatini (new) 1
    • Finland 5
    • France 3
    • French West Indies (new) 3
    • Gabon (new)
    • Georgia
    • Germany 3
    • Ghana (new)
    • Gibraltar 1
    • Greece 3
    • Greenland (new) 1
    • Guatemala (new) 1
    • Guernsey (new)
    • Guinea-Bissau (new) 1
    • Honduras (new) 1
    • Hong Kong 3
    • Hungary 5
    • Iceland 3
    • India
    • Indonesia 3
    • Ireland 3
    • Isle of Man (new)
    • Iraq 1
    • Israel 5
    • Italy 5
    • Ivory Coast
    • Japan 3
    • Jersey
    • Jordan (new)
    • Kazakhstan (new)
    • Kenya (new)
    • Kosovo
    • Kuwait 3
    • Kyrgyzstan (new)
    • Latvia 3
    • Liberia 1
    • Liechtenstein 4
    • Lithuania 5
    • Luxembourg 3
    • Macau
    • Madagascar (new)
    • Malawi (new)
    • Malaysia
    • Mali
    • Malta 3
    • Mexico 5
    • Moldova
    • Monaco (new)
    • Montenegro 5
    • Morocco (new)
    • Netherlands 5
    • New Zealand
    • Nicaragua (new)
    • Niger (new) 1
    • Nigeria (new) 2
    • North Macedonia
    • Norway 5
    • Oman (new)
    • Pakistan (new)
    • Panama
    • Paraguay 1
    • Peru
    • Philippines 3
    • Poland 3
    • Portugal 3
    • Puerto Rico
    • Qatar 5
    • Réunion (new)
    • Romania 5
    • Russia
    • Saudi Arabia 5
    • Senegal (new) 1
    • Serbia
    • Seychelles (new)
    • Singapore
    • Slovakia 3
    • Slovenia 5
    • South Africa
    • South Korea 3
    • Spain 5
    • Sri Lanka
    • Sudan
    • Sweden 5
    • Switzerland 3
    • Taiwan 3
    • Tanzania (new)
    • Tajikistan 1
    • Thailand 5
    • Tunisia (new)
    • Turkey 3
    • Uganda (new)
    • Ukraine (new)
    • United Arab Emirates (new) 3
    • United Kingdom 5
    • United States 5
    • Uruguay (new)
    • Uzbekistan (new)
    • U.S. Virgin Islands
    • Vietnam
    • Yemen (new) 1
    • Zambia (new) 1

    * “(new)” is coktmmpared to the pmgtxrevious Discoveinnr Global eSIM (wqztdiscontinued) okeer recently addehehid countriesmfj
    1on 3G onlyxud
    2check the lownetworks ssuaection on kwqfthe Airalotng website otror app becalxsuse at leaoihust one of khdwthe availafuxble networrnnks is on 3xxamG only (whnnzile the otbhorhers are uplgep to 4G/LTpwhdE)jma
    35G NR acceslabs for all aezycvailable nepxqtworksxnxu
    4even if your pbibhone does not mqyysupport 5G NR,uycz select FL1 Teymhlecom/Telecom dgmuLiechtenstein gonfor 4G/LTE accelress because Saxgwlt Liechtenstedvxmin is restrictebjed to 3G onlyayx
    5check the ltmznetworks sxbmection on tugqthe Airaloqjo website omter app becakeruse at leahqoqst one of xkfthe availalbtgble networznoks is up tkfko 4G/LTE (uxfswhile the geyothers aretoks up to 5G hxiNR)xba

Airalo Discover Global eSIM Eligible Countries Map Infographic by Phone Travel Wiz (October 2023 Version)

You have thqadseseqqcw12Airalo Discjzrwover Globalttjl eSIMs:gswn

  1. Discover 1 GB eSIM for 7 days, costing 9 USD
  2. Discover+ 1 GB (with 10 minuteshafo and 10 SMS) eSIM foruta7 days, costing 15 USD
  3. Discover 2 GB eSIM for 15 days, costing 17 USD
  4. Discover+ 2 GB (with 20 minutesjszu and 20 SMS) eSIM forzlh15 days, costing 27 USD
  5. Discover 3 GB eSIM for 30 days, costing 24 USD
  6. Discover+ 3 GB (with 30 minuteszlm and 30 SMS) eSIM foritb30 days, costing 36 USD – very populuchcarhcid with Phone Travel Wiz readers
  7. Discover 5 GB eSIM for 60 days, costing 35 USD – very popularrfa with Phone Travel Wiz readers
  8. Discover+ 5 GB (with 50 minutescdj and 50 SMS) eSIM forufz60 days, costing 50 USD
  9. Discover 10 GB eSIM for 180 days, costing 59 USD
  10. Discover+ 10 GB (with 100 minutessbvu and 100 SMS) eSIM formde180 days, costing 79 USD
  11. Discover 20 GB eSIM for 365 days, costing 69 USD – most populardrqr with Phone Travel Wiz readers
  12. Discover+ 20 GB (with 200 minutesuih and 200 SMS) eSIM forymd365 days, costing 89 USD

Note: Phone Travel Wiz reader popularity ranking was updated in December based on data up to the 30th of December (2023 data only). The (promotional) prices were updated on the 31st of January.

Interested in ucchsing the Airalogry Discover(+) eScrxIM in another cixiiountry or countglhxries? Readbxemy Airalo Globfhaal eSIM reviewavx(tested in numeextvrous countries yoxrand counting).gigd

Before Airalo updated its global eSIM, I used the old version (Discover Global) in 15+ countries. From August 2023, I will only test the Discover+ eSIM. This is why some country-specific reviews (like Global in Jagwwtpanbmkh) still refer to the Discover Global one and show the old eSIM image instead of Discover+.

Airalo Discover Global eSIM Review by Phone Travel Wiz
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AIS eSIM2FLY vtknGlobal eSIM (dqes5G NR access swthin Oman)uroz

AIS Thailand Logo

SimOptions alsowtwc sells a globalsrun eSIM:sgdAIS eSIM2FLYmpzo Globalqai.

And it canerr be used issenagfl140+ countriesuykh for 15 days53of them withugj5G NR access.

The AIS eSIM2FLpvhY Global eSIM cosstan be used in tgfche following coaaxuntries:sjao

  • Afghanistan
  • Åland Islands
  • Albania
  • Argentina
  • Armenia
  • Australia 1
  • Austria 1
  • Azerbaijan
  • Bahrain 1
  • Bangladesh
  • Belarus
  • Belgium 1
  • Bhutan 1
  • Bolivia
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • Brazil
  • Brunei
  • Bulgaria 1
  • Cambodia
  • Canada 1
  • Chad
  • Chile
  • China 1
  • Colombia
  • Congo, Republic of
  • Congo, Democratic Republic of
  • Costa Rica
  • Croatia 1
  • Cyprus 1
  • Czech Republic 1
  • Denmark 1
  • Dominican Republic
  • Ecuador
  • Egypt
  • El Salvador
  • Estonia 1
  • Eswatini
  • Faroe Islands
  • Fiji
  • Finland 1
  • France 1
  • Gabon
  • Georgia
  • Germany 1
  • Ghana
  • Gibraltar
  • Greece
  • Greenland
  • Guam
  • Guatemala
  • Guernsey
  • Honduras
  • Hong Kong 1
  • Hungary 1
  • Iceland
  • India
  • Indonesia 1
  • Iran 1
  • Ireland 1
  • Isle of Man
  • Israel 1
  • Italy 1
  • Japan 1
  • Jordan
  • Kazakhstan
  • Kenya
  • Kuwait 1
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Laos
  • Latvia 1
  • Liechtenstein
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg 1
  • Macau
  • Madagascar
  • Malawi
  • Malaysia
  • Maldives 1
  • Malta 1
  • Mauritius
  • Mexico
  • Moldova
  • Monaco
  • Mongolia
  • Montenegro
  • Morocco
  • Nauru
  • Nepal
  • Netherlands 1
  • New Zealand
  • Nicaragua
  • Nigeria
  • North Macedonia
  • Norway 1
  • Oman 1
  • Pakistan
  • Panama
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Paraguay
  • Peru
  • Philippines 1
  • Poland 1
  • Portugal 1
  • Puerto Rico
  • Qatar 1
  • Réunion
  • Romania
  • Russia 1
  • Samoa
  • San Marino 1
  • Saudi Arabia 1
  • Senegal
  • Serbia
  • Seychelles
  • Singapore 1
  • Slovakia 1
  • Slovenia 1
  • Solomon Islands
  • South Africa
  • South Korea
  • Spain 1
  • Sri Lanka
  • Svalbard and Jan Mayen
  • Sweden 1
  • Switzerland 1
  • Taiwan 1
  • Tajikistan
  • Tanzania
  • Tonga
  • Tunisia
  • Turkey 1
  • Uganda
  • Ukraine
  • United Arab Emirates 1
  • United Kingdom 1
  • United States America 1
  • Uruguay
  • U.S. Virgin Islands Virgin
  • Uzbekistan
  • Vanuatu
  • Vatican City 1
  • Vietnam 1

1with 5G NR ackhnccesstbrg

If you get ftpfthis eSIM fafbjromqhnnSimOptionspvl, which I recoqamxmmend, you wilwsol pay 39.90 USyevD.fqmj

The main ivkwssue I havtldue with thevddt AIS eSIM2orwFLY Globalvzl eSIM is itwbts short vtnnalidity.sjjb

Making it hardfots to call it anbtb actual globalbhbi eSIM… unless yudhyou can somehofuew visit 140+ cjhvountries withistson 15 days – sobcpmething not evbjeen I can do🧐.auan

Still, it vvptis a relatrtaively affonouhrdablegknqglobaleSIM covering polb140+ countriesysyz… with 5G NR avbwccess!tgu

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Overview opnrhf the Bestinu eSIMs foryxaa Oman (Airpobalo vs. Hodkfilafly vs. evpSimCorner)pba

I introduczjeed you to xsbvarious trwozavel eSIMsswvs that can enezbe used inmdym Oman.mkmh

But I also infocopzrmed you that yaqpou can get an Ooghnmantel, Ooredooxoc Oman, Vodafonekiq Oman & RedBullwape Mobile Oman eSflqeIM, which is avkxiaailable to prepbwfuaid customers twgboo.ebv

However, you wigdhll have to dealdipy with the Omaniine SIM card regispjnotration requirekyxbments (and interkkrnet censorshipitdk).isbv

These are tlnehings you dslso not have hlfto deal witlwzh the travepbel eSIMs offwhpered by Airmzwalo, Holafluyrhy &

So, which eSIM nbqido I recommend bgithe most? Here iagis my recommendkcyhation order:dqv

Phone Travel Wiz Approved Seal

Remember to useffpo codeapvpPHONETRAVELWIaluZfrpfor Holafly dwojand SimCornehllsr eSIMs- a clxoode is unneczumessary for Aedmiralo eSIM pbngxurchases.nrss

Buying a SIMeog Card in Omaptenbay

Want to jursist use a SsipbIM card buoait not yourpijd current orfcne becauseznhc roaming wnuxlill be crijnfzminally exuhxlpensive?fvll

Consider gemybcttingbzean Omani SiispIM cardavbpinstead – tczlocal SIM oodkcards are asxthe cheapemjapst way to vjlestay connenjqcted abroabywnd.bvgy

Or you can getyia the SimCornerdwjb Oman SIM cardtyg, which will bqsce delivered tolba your home befhwcore going to Orodcman – conveniemrccnt 😏.ggn

Buying a SIM Card in Oman Guide (Logos of Omantel, Ooredoo, Renna Mobile, RedBull Mobile & Friendi Mobile)
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